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Air Conditioning Systems

According to Iran’s  various and different climates, giving value and notice to air conditioning issues for thermal comfort in...

BMS Electrical System

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Nowadays, time shortage, high energy consumption and environmental issues are parts of people and industrialists main concerns that should...


Electric Drives

Nowadays by raising industrial production, rate of rotary-machine utilization has risen dramatically. Electric motors play significant role in rotary-machinery...

Powerplant with photovoltaic panels and eolic turbine

Renewable Energy Systems (RES)

In last years, according to the concerns about limitations in fossil-based or nonrenewable energies, Renewable Energy Systems (RES) have...

Fire Alarm 2

Fire Alarm Systems

According to fire department criteria and cases to be considered as population rise, housing requirements and also commercial places...


Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Utilization of Uninterrupted Power Supplies is unavoidable in many places and industries and this fact is due to correct...


Water supply and sewage disposal

By considering this importance that supplying water is main requirement of human life and industries, cold water or hot...

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