Air Conditioning Systems


Air Conditioning Systems

According to Iran’s  various and different climates, giving value and notice to air conditioning issues for thermal comfort in a selected area, energy consumption of HVAC equipment and correct selection of systems are hundredfold. Hoordad Energy Gostar Company with support of its experts is ready to give services provision in Consultation, Design, Installation, maintenance and supplying equipment in cooling, heating and air conditioning systems.


Services of Hoordad Energy Gostar Company in air conditioning systems:

  • HVAC design and consultation: Due to the various climates in Iran, correct design and suitable equipment selection for thermal comfort and reducing energy cost are extremely important. Hoordad Energy Gostar Company is ready to guide clients and give assistance with contribution of its experts’ knowledge and experience in HVAC system design including utilities plan design, riser diagram design, cooling and heating mechanical room design, equipment design and control systems design and etc.
  • Installing HVAC systems: Although an HVAC system has been designed correctly according to mathematic calculation, it would not be guaranteed to have certain and acceptable performance, unless in follows domestic and international standards. In this case following national compliance and international standard requirements are obligated and not pursuing these rules causes irreparable losses in terms of implementation and operation. Thanks to ability of experts and technicians in Hoordad Energy Gostar Company it is possible to give service in mentioned cases.
  • HVAC Equipment supply: Usage requirements of cooling and heating equipment that have Eurovent and AHRI standards for correct operation and prolonged life is very important. Hoordad Energy Gostar Company with adequate information about known international and domestic producers and commitment to clients for correct operation of HVAC equipment has ability to supply mentioned devices with high quality and best price.

HVAC systems maintenance: Even in case of utilizing best equipment, correct design and standard installation, lack of maintenance causes wear and inflict damage becomes irreparable. Hoordad Energy Gostar Company with its experts is ready to give service provision in mechanical room and HVAC systems maintenance.