Building Management Systems (BMS)

BMS Electrical System

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Nowadays, time shortage, high energy consumption and environmental issues are parts of people and industrialists main concerns that should be taken under consideration. Therefore, electrical building facilities have brought a different and comprehensive subject as Building Management Systems (BMS) or Smart Homes. In Smart Homes, it is intended to optimize energy consumption and control it and provide welfare and comfort beside security. In addition to optimizing energy consumption to develop comfort and security, saving time and working forces cost, reducing fallibility and increasing effectiveness are crucial points. By utilizing listed options in Smart Homes such as:

  • Automatic Control of Building Lighting Systems;
  • Automatic Control of Heating and Cooling Systems:
  • Controlling CCTV systems:
  • Controlling Doors;
  • Controlling People’s Movement;
  • Exact Recording of each Consumer’s Energy Consumption;
  • Statistics Reporting of Building’s Component Performance;
  • Warning Declaration of Periodic Inspection of Equipment;
  • Remote Controlling possibility;
  • Controlling Emergency Situations such as Fire (Alarm and Fighting) and Earthquake;

Energy consumption is declined dramatically and security is provided to citizens beside comfort.

Hoordad Energy Gostar Company by introducing Smart Systems Solutions by co-operation with pioneer worldwide brands such as Siemens and ABB under known protocols including KNX, BACnet, SBus, ZigBee, lonWokrs and etc. presents services covering engineering consultation, designing, supplying equipment, executing projects and after sale-commissioning services by educated and professional experts.