Electric Drives


Electric Drives

Nowadays by raising industrial production, rate of rotary-machine utilization has risen dramatically. Electric motors play significant role in rotary-machinery systems. It is needed to control and support electric motors by specific solutions that are given by electric drives. These solutions increase the need of industry to smart drives with automation structure and less possible dependency to other systems. Electric drives can provide various range of electric torques by electric motors to loads in fixed-torque mode. The other significant mode is known as fixed-speed that by getting momentary feedback from output (in some models) keeps the velocity of load fixed.


Electric drives provide solutions to its user that cause:

  • Energy saving in various dynamic loads;
  • Energy generation, saving and consumption in coupled motors;
  • Optimized design for various-torque applications;

Hoordad Energy Gostar Company with assistance of professional experts supports your needs in all aspects of projects including engineering consultation, purchase and commissioning electric drives in Oil, gas & petroleum industry, water & sewage industry and factories which utilize electric drive services.