Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)


Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Utilization of Uninterrupted Power Supplies is unavoidable in many places and industries and this fact is due to correct operation & performance guarantee of a system and data loss avoidance caused by electrical noises and fluctuations or even power outage. By applying these devices, it is possible to raise reliability of many critical systems and devices in Hospitals such as CT scan, MRI, Angiography, Operation Rooms etc. In addition, in Banks and Hotels it is needed to provide run-on services to clients even in power outage. Saving necessary data is considered as one of the cases to deploy UPSs. In order to protect electric devices against electricity deficiency or even in security systems with high level of accuracy installing a UPS is considered as a practical solution. Hoordad Energy Gostar Company by deploying experience and knowledge of its well-trained & educated experts provides services in Consultation, Design, Commissioning and Maintenance Services of UPS-Based Systems. This company intends to improve its quality and performance by co-operation with well-known companies such as GE Socomec, Infosec, etc.


UPS-Base Systems:

Hoorda Energy Gostar Company divides UPS-Based systems in two major category:

  • Official and residential systems supplied by UPS: by considering low electrical demand of devices protected by UPS, this category covers below 10KVA Hoordad Energy Gostar Company by technical evaluation of site and its Load types and demands, determines UPS type (Offline, Line-Interactive, Online) and presents its technical consultation.

Industrial UPS-Based Systems: in order to equip high power devices (more than 10KVA), industrial UPSs can be considered as a solution to protect them. Mostly, High power devices are equipped with Online UPSs. Hoordad Energy Gostar Company proposes the best possible solutions for these sites and is available to perform complete commissioning of system.